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Tatu Derm


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Product Description

A breathable, thin film bacterial barrier that protects new tattoos from infection and abrasion. The medical grade adhesive forms a waterproof barrier on the dry skin surrounding the new tattoo.The tattoo remains moist and does not stick to the adhesive, also the tattoo stays clean.

Prepare Skin For Tatu-Derm Application

1. Clean and prepare tattoo are according to facility protocol.
2. Blot excess moisture and allow the surrounding skin to dry completely.


1. Remove sheet from the pouch.
2. Use a full sheet or cut sheet to a smaller size with clean gloves and scissors.
3. Peel off the extended liner from the adhesive side and discard.
4. Position the exposed adhesive surface over the tattoo and apply gentle pressure.
5. Working from the center back slit, slowly peel the backing strip from the sheet.
6. Gently smooth the Tatu-Derm Sheet, from the center toward the edges, while removing the backing strip to minimize air under the Tatu-Derm sheet. Apply gentle pressure to enhance adhesion. Avoid stretching the Tatu-Derm Sheet during application.

Length of Use

1. the Initial Tatu-Derm application should be in place for 12 hours. Following applications should be changed between 12 and 24 hours.
2. Clean with mild soap and water between applications. Allow skin to dry completely before re-applying Tatu-Derm Product.
3. Small amounts of wound exudate my accumulate under Tatu-Derm product and is expected during the normal healing process. Change Tatu-Derm product when drainage or pooling under Tatu-Derm product occurs

Size: 6 INCH X 180 CM

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